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I went to maison yesterday for my friends birthday and we booked a booth. When we got to the club there was a bouncer who gave us ten tickets for the booth and kicked the rest out (with 15 friends) for no reason even though we paid for the club. Then when I got into the club I see our booth which literally looked like a TTC Stop bench. If that wasnt enough, we ordered two bottles of hennessy through bottle service for the booth, we only got one even though we paid for two. Then as I am about to leave, three bouncers grab me from the DARK and started choking and accusing me of stealing a BOMBAY GIN BOTTLE. WHICH I DID NOT EVEN HAVE AT THE BOOTH so obviously I said I did not do it. They then forcibly grabbed my wallet from me which I tried to stop them but they got it using BRUTE FORCE which is unlawful then kicked me out of the club WITHOUT A JACKET stating that I had to pay for the stolen bottle which I HAD NO IDEA about and that if I did not he would be holding onto my wallet (with all my legal documents, id and cards). I then proceeded to call the police which the bouncers laughed at me for stating that they would never believe me and that I would have to pay. Upon the police's arrival, I tell the officers the full story which the bouncers deny. They lied to the officers stating that they never physically touched me and that I voluntarily gave up my Id. The police officer not being idiots did not believe a single word and proceeded to get my belongings from the bouncers. PLEASE FIRE THESE THREE BOUNCERS I DO NOT KNOW THEIR NAMES BUT I KNOW THEIR DESCRIPTIONS: ONE CAUCASIAN WITH A BLONDE BEARD AND SHORT HAIR WHOSE HEIGHT WAS 5'8 (WORKS THE LINE OUTSIDE) ONE AFRICAN CANADIAN (USUALLY WORKS THE CLUB LINE OUTSIDE HE WAS WEARING A BEANIE) HEIGHT WAS 6'1, ONE AFRICAN CANADIAN, TALLER MALE (6'3-6'5), SHORT AFRO WHO USUALLY WORKS INSIDE. REPORT THESE GUYS IF YOU CAN AND PLEASE RELEASE THEM AS THEY ARE USING UNETHICAL/UNLAWFUL METHODS.

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Fam, this club sucks! took over an hour for coat check and we spent 2k on bottles, music was garbage! tell me why i'm hearing kiss me thru the phone by soulja boy from freaking 1950, PLAY SOME RELEVANT TRACKS!! bottle service is okay, but the bouncers are all assholes trying to rob anyone they can ANYWAY! , watch your stuff and your bottles!!! and you know the worst part, FAM ALL THE TINGS AT THE CLUB WERE GERSHHHHHH (ugly for anyone not from toronto) , even the BOOTH hoes looked like mrs.doubtfire. GO TO REBEL or any other club this place sucks and there's no shorties at all.

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worst night club in toronto. got kicked out for trying to stop a fight. The bouncers dont know what they are doing, bunch of idiots on a power trip working minimum wage

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The worst place to go if your going out in the city of Toronto. My friends and i waited outside for half hour in the negative cold weather until we got to the front doors. We had two booths that night and 15 free comps but the two bouncers in the front wanted us to pay a door fee even tho we had comps which doesn't make any sense. After talking to both bouncers and there so called manager they refused to let us in because of our skin color saying we don't let brown people in. I highly do not recommend this place to anyone, the people that work there especially the bouncers are scammers who try to blackmail people into giving them extra money so the bouncers can put it in there pockets. After the bouncers talked to there so called manager and told them the situation there manager come to us and told us that people of your skin color are not welcome here and that they were refusing us entry because were brown. In my 20 plus years of living in the city of Toronto i am proud to say i have never experienced racism until i went to maison mercer that night. I hope the owner gets a chance to read my review and takes action. I once again highly do not recommend this place to anyone unless you are trying to waste your time and experience racism.

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Maison is definitely a special event venue in the Entertainment District. It's massive size, and that it has both a great rooftop patio and an airy main room mean that event planners are bound to find something to fit their needs, whatever the guest count.
Having expedited many events here we can easily endorse this venue. The main room in particular can be considered a canvas that allows us to curate a special experience for guests with a ton of lighting and decor options.
The staff are warm and helpful, and contribute to a positive guest experience.

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Seventh Heaven has always considered Maison Mercer a great place to throw a cocktail party or staff appreciation party. Its spacious design makes it easier when our team is creating floor plans and food station locations. Maison's light & sound system plus their in-house furniture all save our clients the money they would typically have to spend at other venues. The rooftop patio and convenient location to hotels ensure our clients always have good safe fun!

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