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The White Book Co.

Miya Gu

October 2018

We are usually very easy going, polite being a wedding vendors ourselves and understanding the industry standards, but this time we are very, very frustrated and wanted to warn fellow brides to again confirm expectations before making your decision.For our destination wedding in France we decided to go with Danielle mainly because she replied right away to our inquiry email, and acted fast on our questions and made us feel at peace knowing she speaks French and is also Canadian. We were attracted by her bubbly personality and fast response rate during our first skype, so without further search we immediately paid and decided.She gave us a client portal on the Asileplanner platform with some deadlines and all seemed very promising.Shortly after booking, she started to take her time at replying us, and there was always an excuse. Either she wasn't checking her emails for a week (Which we thought wedding planners do, in general), or that she was busy. During our site visit to France, she told us that "I found a lot of brides just think the whole world revolves around her when it's their wedding", being in the wedding industry we understood that, but were fairly surprised that she would say it to us. Throughout the site visit in France, she was more excited about showing off her French skills and knowledge than our wedding. She later revealed that her wedding was coming up this year, but "will not drop work because of her own wedding".Which..she did. After a few more times of not getting any responses or seeing her doing what she promised to do, we found that messaging her on instagram would get almost immediate response, and might be a better way of communication. We asked again and she apologized that she had family things going on and couldn't focus on work, which is fine, we understand life happens. So we had another skype and caught up on what she did not do for a few months, we raised the concern that nothing has really been done and on the Asileplanner platform, its a bunch of "overdue" tasks, she she only updated once. She assured us that she will get them done, that was August 24th. It's now September 30th and during this one month, we emailed to follow up, asked her on instagram and NO REPLIES EVER. All she's been posting on social media was about her own wedding. After another week of MIA, we got worried and almost thought she got into an accident after her wedding, and this morning, she posted on Insta story about how she's enjoying her honeymoon. We left an comment on her instagram kindly reminding her to reply us, she deleted those comments right away, and STILL did not reply us AT ALL.Here we are, stressed about wedding planning because we hired a wedding planner who was supposed to take all the stress away. We are left hanging with no expectations nor explanations. This has been the worst part of our whole experience. Unprofessionalism is what ruins everything, we hope you remember that.

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