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Tufts & Toile Vintage Rentals and Design has a growing collection of unique one of a kind vintage and rustic themed pieces. Located in Burlington, we serve the GTA to Niagara and beyond. Founder, Jennifer Kennedy-Maksymiw has over a decade of styling experience and is always on the hunt for the next perfect piece to add to this beautiful hand picked collection. She loves to upcycle the old into something new, creating truly unique pieces through a labour of love. The Tufts & Toile team works with our couples to make sure their wedding unique as they are. We always consider what’s most important to each individual client. From a custom lounge area to a full reception design, whatever your needs may be, we want create a beautiful and unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

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Tufts and Toile


May 2018

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Nice person to work with and beautiful rentals, but horrible setup and very disorganized on wedding day. Many promises were made and just did not come through. On such an important day, major disappointments with how slowly setup was done and was not up to expectations. Rentals are worth it but setup fees were not. You're better off setting up on your own or with family/friends.

Tufts and Toile

Tufts and Toile Response from owner

Hi Lisa, I have tried to reach out to you to resolve this issue off the internet, because it really caught me off guard and I’m confused as to where this came from. I thought everything had been resolved in the past, days after your wedding back in August of 2017. I’m really sad to read this 10 months later and it doesn’t make sense to me. Our last communication was via email and your email in response to my email explaining why a few things were out of our control on your wedding day had said “Thank you so much for replying and explaining everything. It was a beautiful day. Though it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned, I really can’t complain. Thank you for doing everything in your power to make it wonderful” and some more words along those lines. I do understand why you were upset that day - due to the unfortunate, and quite frankly freak of nature kind of weather on your wedding day. The weather can unexpectedly change in an instant and in this case as you know it started to pour rain only 15 minutes before your outdoor ceremony was to start. It’s a wedding vendors nightmare and can crush a bride’s dream in an instant. As your hired decorator I quickly got back to your indoor reception area with my assistant and we switched your main stage/sweetheart table set up into a simple ceremony set up. I gave instruction to the catering staff to move the chairs from the guest tables into ceremony aisles. There was no hired wedding coordinator for your wedding, so it was just between my company (2 people) and the caterers to get everything in place as quickly as we could. We stepped up and scrambled. As you know it’s not an ideal venue to have both your ceremony and reception in the barn when you have a large guest list, which you had, and due to the extreme crowding around the main entrance doors I couldn’t physically bring in the decor from the outdoor ceremony and had a hard time bringing out some of the remaining decor boxes and flower buckets that needed to go in your uhaul. I made an executive decision at the time to not worry about moving anything else from the outdoor ceremony because the decor was very minimal, just a couple of lanterns and your birch ceremony arch. The arch was beautiful, I know, and I’m so sorry you didn’t get to use it. If it was physically possible for us to move it quickly we would have. 100%. But due to the large cement footings that were attached to your personal arch, each weighing around 100 pounds, if not more, it just wasn’t possible. I know this indoor ceremony wasn’t what you had envisioned but with the time given it did miraculously come together and was still a beautiful ceremony. I witnessed your guests enjoying the hell out of it and many of them raved to me personally about the decor. I don’t understand how your email to me 10 months ago was so sweet and understanding, thanking me for everything to this horrible, and quite frankly very unfair review. I honestly don’t understand why this has happened and it’s frustrating as a small business owner. I’ve always taken such pride in my work and have done whatever I can to ensure I have happy clients throughout the planning stages and right up until and throughout the big day. There’s a reason why all of my other reviews online are all raving 5 stars from very happy clients. Given the unforeseen circumstances with the weather that day we did everything we could, with much thought and consideration towards you and your guests to pull a back up plan together. You’re clearly still upset many months, almost a year later and I’m truly sorry that you feel this way and that your wedding didn’t go quite as planned, and sorry even more so that it’s come down to this.

Tufts and Toile


July 2017

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Jennifer was amazing to work with both in a professional and personal sense! As a planner I always want everything to be just right and when picking out details for my own wedding in September of 2016 it was the smoothest process. There were no hick ups with deliveries and the items were just what we wanted for our big day! While working on our styled shoot together I actually got to spend a whole day with her and she is a very talented and creative lady! For one of our client weddings she went above and beyond from setting up twinkle lights to styling all the various zones at the Burroughes where the client held the wddding. She picked up on their vision and ran with it! Will continue to recommend to friends family and clients alike

Tufts and Toile

Jen Murphy

March 2017

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I worked with Jennifer and her team at Tufts & Toile for a wedding I was the planner for in December 2016. It was hosted at the Drake 150 in Toronto and had 120 guests in attendance. The venue was very intimate and we had to create a dance floor, ceremony space, gift table, photo booth and thematic vignettes all within the small restaurant - while still leaving room for a 7-piece band and seating for dinner! Jennifer was an absolute pro. She and her team of experts, created subtle and impactful vignettes that tied together the entire room and gave it an air of a rustic / classic romance. My clients wanted the wedding to feel like they had put lots of time and effort into the "little touches", but they had no time to do so. Tufts & Toile was the perfect partner for them and they created a lighting backdrop for the ceremony, custom chalkboards for all necessary signage and gift, photo and thank you gift tables with perfect little touches that were picked with the bride and groom in mind. They understood exactly what my client was looking for and executed it without a hitch (and in a 1 hour set up window nonetheless!)
I would absolutely recommend Tufts & Toile as the decor partner for any event or wedding in the future. Jennifer & her team were a pleasure to work with and responded to all of our inquiries with detail and in a timely fashion. They were real pros and would make a great addition to any vendor list!

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