Toronto Cake Designers Share Their Favourite Wedding Cakes From This Wedding Season

Let them eat cake – because really, what’s a wedding without a cake!? Over the years, traditional wedding cakes have evolved from simple dessert pieces to decadent works of art that are almost too pretty to eat — almost, we’d never say no to a piece of cake. For those of you about to start planning a […]


Toronto’s Top Cake Designers Share Their Favourite Wedding Cakes From 2016

Cutting the wedding cake is a classic tradition that happens at almost all wedding receptions. Over the years, cakes have evolved from functional desserts to artistic and decadent masterpieces! We reached out to some of Toronto’s favourite Cake Designers and asked them to share their favourite wedding cake designs from this year with us. We only have one question – how can anyone possibly cut into […]


Wedding Cake Tips From Toronto’s Top Cake Companies!

There’s just something so sweet about art you can eat! The modern wedding cake is an artistic centerpiece for your wedding; a work of art to be savoured by the eye and the taste buds –  one delectable bite at a time. Exciting as it may be to design the perfect wedding cake, many couples […]


Beautiful and Unique Wedding Cakes

With so many sweet, delicious, and beautiful options available, here is our list of some of the finest, most gorgeous, and unique wedding cakes you can find in Toronto! Work with one of the cake artists listed here and your dream cake can become a reality! Statement Cakes Ornate cakes are a great choice when it comes to a […]


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