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Rachel Phan

May 2019

I fell in love with a dress at Bl Ivory, but unfortunately, my experience there was so awful that Ill have to find the same dress elsewhere.I chose Bl Ivory to be the first stop in my quest for the right wedding dress for me. I really wish I hadnt.When we arrived for our appointment, we were greeted by my consultant for the day. She wasnt the most warm or welcoming, but I let it slide because I was a few minutes late (thanks, Toronto traffic!).However, as the appointment went on, I was shocked by the lack of customer service we received. -The consultant didnt ask me any questions about what I liked, what the vibe of our wedding was going to be, who my fianc was, etc. She didnt express any desire to actually learn more about me.-She didnt make any suggestions for my body type or pull any dresses for me to try. Instead, she just said, Take a look around and find what you like. My sister and I had to pull the dresses ourselves with zero feedback from her.-She did not help me into the dresses. My sister was dressing me while the consultant just stood there with her arms crossed and a bored expression on her face! (I have the photos to prove it.)-Even after my sister helped me into each dress, the consultant did not use clamps to fit the dresses on me. As a result, every dress was a saggy, baggy mess. I looked so dumpy and awful that I felt self-conscious the entire time. -There was no feedback from the consultant whatsoever about what looked great on me. That, coupled with the fact that the dresses were not fitted to my body, made me feel so badly about myself that I went home and cried.-A few of the dresses had huge trains, which tripped me up while I was on the platform. I fell off twice and the consultant didnt even put an arm out to help me!I was so discouraged after the consultation that I actually did go home and cry. Thankfully, Ive since had a consultation at another boutique where the consultant actually did her job and made me feel beautiful the entire time. What a difference that makes!Im grateful other brides have had such positive experiences at Bl Ivory. I think it really does depend on the consultant. Unfortunately, mine didnt do her job and I ended up feeling terrible. Its a shame, too, because I really did love a dress there!

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Chantelle Wilson

March 2019

Best bridal store I went to!! After a lot of searching for the perfect gown and not being completely happy with anything I was about ready to give up. I came to Blu Ivory Bridal and the staff were so friendly and my consultant (I forget her name!) was so kind and made me excited about wedding dress shopping again!My dress ended up being the first one I tried on there, I put a couple other back on and then my consultant recommended I put my favourite back on and it was the one!Thank you Blu Ivory staff for making the process so easy and fun!

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Michelle Burleigh

March 2019

I called this shop looking for a specific dress and a bridal appointment for same day. Madelaine was very accommodating! She had the dress I was looking for and she was able to accommodate my same day appointment in the timeslot I needed. She was very helpful and not at all pushy. She made me feel very comfortable. While I didn't end up buying my dress here, I was grateful for the help and positive experience.

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Jessica L

February 2019

This was the first bridal shop I went to in search of my dream dress. Sarah, my consultant was absolutely amazing. I deal with a lot of anxiety, especially when shopping, and she made me feel extremely comfortable. I found my dream dress with Sarah's help; she made sure that I put it on after all the other dresses to make sure I still felt the same way, and that it was the last image in my mind. We left with my dream dress and under budget. I highly recommend Blu Ivory to all future brides.

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