Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio


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Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio

Ana na

January 2019

They're literally the best! So beautiful designs with talented designers. Catherine is sooo professional. I love everything in there. Thank-you for your service

Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio

Nicole Wong Tomchuk

January 2019

Catherine was always a pleasure to meet with throughout the design process and of course the dress turned out perfect! Highly recommend

Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio

Queen Noir

May 2018

Catherine is wonderful. I would recommend EVERYONE go to her over going to your regular bridal salon. She is really attentive to your needs and takes your personality and functionality into account while designing and building your gown. All while making your vision a reality. I am in the process of building my dress right now and everytime I go for a fitting it is more and more perfect. Her fabric selection is incredible. Seriously, if you want your dream wedding dress, Catherine is the only person you want to trust.I would post a picture but the dress is a surprise! And my wedding is in August 2018.

Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio

Veronica D

March 2018

Catherine made my wedding dress in 2017, her attention to detail and expertise makes for amazing quality work! Love my dress so much!

Catherine Langlois Bridal Design Studio

Sarah Bunnett-Gibson

February 2017

As a Wedding Officiant in Toronto, I see great wedding dresses every weekend. Catherine's dresses always stand out immediately and for all the best reasons. Her dresses feature her dedicated care of workmanship, her attention to tiny details, and the thoughtful trusted guidance that she always gives. Catherine works with each very unique bride in creating a customized dress that truly expresses the brides beauty and personality. She is a master of talent when it comes to bridal gowns. Her work clearly stand out from all the others .

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