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Jessie was super friendly and easy to talk to. She made all our suppliers come together as we wanted and the little touches to our decorations and venue were appreciated and looked so lovely. Jessie had a no problems attitude and nothing seemed too much. Thank you Jessie! Thank you for making my proposal day a unforgettable day in my life!

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I particularly thank you to my wedding planner Jessie, without her, i won't have this perfect wedding in my life.
She was very patient and calm under pressure and meeting deadline. Our time for wedding preparation was tight and only few months before wedding date. Within such a short time, Jessie patiently listen to our need, help us to figure out style we want in our wedding and find our wedding venue, florist, cake baker... and even the kids' gift, such little detailed thing she would seriously take into account.
The most important thing I would like to thank you Jessie was she help me to re-fine a new professional photographer studio (mango studio) within 2 weeks before my wedding date. At the beginning of my wedding preparation, i found a photographer studio by myself without consulting Jessie, however, after pre-wedding photo shoot, I felt very disappointed to that studio. I wanted to change and I could not even sleep since only two weeks left before my wedding. The lucky thing was I had Jessie, she called me immediately and clam me down, and started help me to schedule appointment with Mango studio& eventually one of the photographer in MANGO was available. That make me relieve.
All of my guests were felt impressed about my wedding, no matter from the gorgeous ceremony or the dinner, they said this was the most beautiful and happiness wedding they have had. They all have fun in the wedding, specially the game part in dinner time.
Thanks again to Jessie's organized work and detailed planning for my wedding. One last thing i want to tell the bride-to-be, when u are looking for a vendor, no matter is a photographer or florist, it would be always better for you to consult your wedding planner before making final decision since she's professional and know more than you in wedding preparation.

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I would HIGHLY recommend Jessie to anyone thinking about planning and executing their perfect dream wedding. With no regrets in our minds, Jessie played an instrumental role in helping us with the most wonderful day in our lives. Jessie and team were all deeply experienced while demonstrated the up most professionalism and reliability. We started our wedding planning process later than most couples. With only a few months before our wedding date, Jessie never used that as an excuse to make us comprise on things we wanted for our wedding. She was always highly knowledgeable of all the available options and were extremely patient with all of our requests and our busy schedule. On the date of the wedding, she made sure everything went according to plan. With high attention to details, she was extremely decisive and made sure everyone including us were taken care of and stress free. We were able to have the most wonderful day with everything we wanted within the budget we agreed with Jessie on DAY 1.

Now for anyone who is thinking about proposing or getting married in the next coming months, I would strongly suggest that you have a conversation with Jessie about your dream. Given our experience, we are sure Jessie would explore all feasible and realistic options with you. She is the ultimate dream achiever!

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I can’t think of a better decision I’ve made over the past year (other than picking the right husband) than hiring Jessie as my wedding planner. She holds herself to the highest level of professionalism and is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is kind, attentive and supportive like a best friend (or a mother haha), but at the same time honest, assertive and decisive -- exactly the kind of personality you want to get things done, and to get things done right. She is dedicated to make each wedding unique to each couple and what a phenomenal job she has done for us. We hired her for month-of planning, but she went above and beyond to help us throughout the entire planning process, putting in countless more hours and bringing in 4 (yes, 4!!!) assistants on the wedding day to ensure every detail of our wedding was perfect. Many months after our wedding, I am still getting inquiries about who was my wedding planner because they thought the wedding was so personalized and well organized.

I knew I was going to hire Jessie within a few minutes of our initial meeting. She made a great impression right away, because it was very evident that she took time to prepare and understand who we are as a couple even before we met in person. When I described my wedding ideas, she seemed just as excited as I am to implement them. Over the next 6 months (before her month-of contract began), I shamelessly bugged her almost every day with random ideas and questions, and she answered every question thoroughly and gave me valuable advice. She even called a vendor to clarify things when she sensed that the vendor and I may have had a miscommunication. None of this was in the scope of our contract, and it never felt like we had a client-vendor relationship, she just genuinely cared and wanted the best for our wedding.

The month leading up to the wedding would have been the most stressful time of my life, but because of Jessie, I was at ease and I enjoyed the process immensely. There were so many little details to think about and problems to tackle, but Jessie always had our backs. "Thank God we have Jessie" was one of the most common phrases my husband and I said during that month. During the rehearsal, she and her assistant Stella were very professional and walked us through every step, where to stand, where to look, how to hold the flowers, when to pause... It definitely made our ceremony on the wedding day go smoothly. My bridal party, parents and in-laws all commented on how outstanding she was after meeting her. It made me so proud that I chose her.

On the day of the wedding Jessie brought along with her 4 assistants, Melody, Cindy, Stella and Fion. They arrived on time and started to work right way. I had prepared a ton of DIY Items that they needed to be set up, including 90x of escort cards tied to key shaped favours that they had to sort in alphabetical order, 90x90 photos of each guest and photo stands that they needed to place on reception tables according to my exact seating plan, 90x candy favors that had serial numbers on them so they had to place in specific tables ( for a game later), 90x blow bubbles for each seat in the ceremony, tons of signs, stationery, decoration. Nothing was missed, everything impeccable and setup exactly the way I wanted.

Jessie's emergency kit also came to our rescue. I had satin kimono robes for my bridesmaids, but they weren't staying closed if you know what I mean. It was something you’d never expect to be an issue but it was because it meant we couldn’t take getting ready photos with the robes slipping open (and all our photographers were men!) ... and then Jessie opened her kit and pulled out clothing tape O_O what a relief!!! This is probably just an example of the little hiccups during the day that she resolved, but I wasn't aware of anything else because she and her team made sure I was worry free and enjoyed being a bride.

Jessie handled every task with the utmost care and always over delivered results. I briefly mentioned to her a few days prior to the wedding that I wanted a photo-op at the altar before the ceremony. It wasn’t something I thought we could have fit into the tight schedule that day but she made it happen. And thanks to her I have some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. For the reception, we needed to play a variety of media on the projector provided by our venue, but I didn’t want to pay an extra 1k to use the venue AV staff to operate it. To help me save money, Jessie took it upon herself to learn how to operate the equipment and test play all the audio and videos to ensure everything was going to work. Even after the wedding was over she continued to help me. When I was having some issues with a vendor after the wedding, she made sure to call me and hear me out, and she contacted the vendor for me to try and smooth things over.

I would highly recommend Jessie and her team as a wedding planner. I wish I had asked her for full planning services if I can go back in time because I enjoyed working with her so much. Everytime I see her profile picture pop up on weChat moments now, I get reminded of the good times we spent together planning one of the most important days of my life. I am so grateful that I had met her. She is exceptional. The best in the industry. Set up a meeting with her, you will be glad you did!!

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Working alongside Jessie and the team at O Weddings and Events is always a great experience! A fun, professional team that always put together beautiful events! We have worked together many times over the years and have not been disappointed!

With Jessie and the team, you're in good hands! We happily recommend them to anyone who asks!

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It was wonderful working with you again Jessie. You and your team did an amazing job in creating a beautiful and memorable experience for the Bride, Groom and their guests.

You and your staff are an extremely talented team that always go beyond what the couples envision. We never hesitate to recommend your services to those looking for a professional and creative wedding planner.

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