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October 2019

Jessie is so great. She is easy to talk to, punctual and always approachable. I feel a lot of respect and care from her for my needs whenever I speak with her. She knows her stuff, and the venues I'm working with have great things to say about her!

O Weddings and Events

Kevin & Stella

June 2019

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O Weddings and Events

Stella & Kevin

June 2019

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O Weddings and Events

Shelly & Yiqun

December 2018

I remember the day Shelly told me about her first call with Jessie. I think she already knew Jessie was going to be our planner. She used words like patient, easy going, gentle and good listener to describe Jessie. Most importantly, she felt understood. So I intuitively knew we were going to have a good initial meeting with her, and we certainly did. I remember being impressed by the way Jessie drew out the room layout of wedding venues from memory, but perhaps most vividly by how she recalled small behind-the-scene details of past weddings and the imprint those moments left on her. We appreciated her honesty, and knew she was a pro; one who set the bar very high for herself. As we drove away, we could see her pacing back and forth, perhaps reminiscing about the couples she had helped in the past, and the big days she helped turn from dreams to realities. Looking back on it now, it was clear from the first day that she cared for her couples.

With most big decisions, I believe in praying before making them. So the night we decided to pick our planner, Shelly and I sat together and prayed before we picked Jessie. We knew it was a good choice.

It's been a couple of months since our wedding, and it's also the year end; a time to reflect on the year that we had. It's a nice feeling to think back on this journey we were on, from being engaged on New Year's day to our wedding 9 months later. Much of this year has been spent on preparing for our big day, and we had Jessie beside us along the way. My memory isn't perfect, and with time there is a filter that blurs the moments I remember. When I think back on this year, it has a very warm undertone to it. This is the year Shelly and I got married and began our lives together. This is the year, where on our wedding day, we got to celebrate with our dear parents, our loving family and closest friends. Jessie helped us through it all, and we hope we can convey our gratitude and sincerely thank her for helping us and being a tremendous part of it.

We had decided that our venue was going to be GEORGE restaurant on Queen street, and when we asked Jessie to be our planner, she jumped on a call right away with GEORGE. She got us a special offer, and we took it because it was too good to pass up. So within 2 days of working with Jessie, we had our venue secured. We were off to a flying start, and the ball kept rolling from there. Jessie set up meetings for us with great vendors. We had a lovely chat with our photographer at the hopping Drake Commissary, an amazing experience of sitting in the rehearsal room to listen to our band practice, and we met our florist in her studio and heard many fun (and funny) stories about flowers and weddings (there was a Greek joke in there somewhere). Between the laughter and joy we shared when we first met our wonderful vendors, Jessie also found the time to ask the important questions that made sure we were going to have the best possible experience on our wedding day. These are the small details and the potential scenarios we would never think of on our own. These are the moments when we witnessed over and over again how professional Jessie was.

Just like that, 7 months flew by and our wedding day arrived. Right now, it sure feels like it went by so fast. 7 months is a long time, and I can't think of too many days when we didn't communicate with Jessie over email or wechat. She was there to bounce off ideas with us, she shared with us her thoughts and expert advice. Jessie even stayed in close contact with Shelly when she went back to China to pick out the dress. We always knew she respected our vision for our wedding, especially by her response when we did not take her suggestion. It was clear she wanted to help us live out our dream for our big day.

Then that big day came. Jessie was prepared, her assistant Freya was awesome and helpful, and everything went smoothly. Even last minute weather plans were executed flawlessly by Jessie. She kept us on track.

The day went by fast, but I've been replaying it over and over many times in my head. It feels like the right combination of all the key pieces fit together for that day. Jessie was there to help us go through the sequence for our tea ceremony (we had no idea what we were doing). We wanted to have the wedding ceremony in the courtyard, but it was raining so we moved it indoors. When I saw the room, the flowers and decor, our family and friends (staying dry), I was certain it was meant to be this way. I got a headache during dinner and Jessie got me Advil. I felt much better as we listened to speeches and soaked up the love in the room. The way dinner was filled with chatter and laughter, the speeches alternating with amazing live music like a perfect pairing, it was unforgettable. And Jessie doesn't know this yet; Shelly and I danced our first dance at 11pm to Wonderful Tonight performed live by our band, it was the last song of the night. I sang the line "~it's time to go home now, and I've got an aching head~" to Shelly. How perfect was that? I really did have an aching head, and I didn't want the night to end.

The night that Shelly and I sat together and prayed about picking Jessie as our planner, I floated up a prayer that perhaps through this experience, we would also have a budding friendship. I think we echo that prayer today. When we think of Jessie, we don't just think of her as our planner. With all that we have been through together, she is our friend.

To our friend, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With Love,
Yiqun and Shelly

O Weddings and Events

Alyx & Yong

November 2018

Wedding size: ~100 including 10 vendors
Wedding style: Lunch wedding
Wedding location: Ancaster Mill
Hired O-Weddings for: Month-of-coordination

Thanks to Jessie (owner of O-Weddings) and her team of assistants, we had the PERFECT wedding day!

Although we only hired Jessie as our month-of-coordinator, she was very attentive and responsive to our random questions here and there, from January (when we hired her) all the way up to our wedding day in October. From the initial meeting, itinerary meeting to the final details meetings with vendors, Jessie showed professionalism and friendliness through the entire process.

Jessie is very organized, knowledgeable and had lots of great suggestions on the day of schedule and random little things that you may never think about (ex. remember to look at the groom when the officiant is talking (for better pictures!!), etc. etc.). During the month of our wedding, Jessie coordinated with all of our vendors on a timely basis and took care of everything so that we can relax the days leading up to the wedding. Since we had a lot of DIY items for our wedding, she and her team picked up our decor items a few days ahead of the wedding so that we didn’t have anything to worry about on the day of the wedding.

Throughout the wedding day, Yong and I did not have to worry about anything because Jessie or an assistant was always around to let us know what to do and where to go. Jessie and her assistants (Cindy and Freya) did a great job placing our DIY items exactly how we imagined, and better actually haha. They were also super quick to move things around because not only was our wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception in three separate rooms (within the same venue), they also had a tight timeline as there was another wedding right after us.

There’s no doubt that we would recommend Jessie and her team to our friends :)


O Weddings and Events

Maximum Music

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Working alongside Jessie and the team at O Weddings and Events is always a great experience! A fun, professional team that always put together beautiful events! We have worked together many times over the years and have not been disappointed!

With Jessie and the team, you're in good hands! We happily recommend them to anyone who asks!

O Weddings and Events

Enduring Promises

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It was wonderful working with you again Jessie. You and your team did an amazing job in creating a beautiful and memorable experience for the Bride, Groom and their guests.

You and your staff are an extremely talented team that always go beyond what the couples envision. We never hesitate to recommend your services to those looking for a professional and creative wedding planner.

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