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Last update May 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What event services can you provide?

  • Clean Up
  • Delivery
  • Pick Up
  • Set Up

What type of catering options are available?

  • Buffet
  • Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres
  • Family Style
  • Food Stations
  • Plated Menu
  • Tasting Menu

What types of cuisine do you cater?

  • Italian
  • Vegan / Vegetarian

What dietary needs can you accommodate?

  • Gluten Free
  • Halal
  • Lactose Free
  • No Pork
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Other Food Allergies

Can you provide bar services?

  • Bartender(s)

Which of the following dining items can you provide?

  • Barware
  • Chairs
  • China
  • Flatware
  • Glassware
  • Linens
  • Tables
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Parlato's Catering
Rina Badenhorst
I cannot say enough good things about this company - Sonia was awesome to deal with. The quests loved the food. The chef was outstanding and the roast cooked to perfection and this was mentioned by so many quests . We also received many compliments on the eggplant parmesan dish. The level of the service from Lina and team was extra ordinary. They attend to every fine detail and everything was so neat and tidy after they left. Thanks so much Parlato's team - you helped us made our function a huge success - can 150% recommend this team and will for sure use them again !
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Parlato's Catering
Mary Stiliadis
Hired Parlato's catering for my daughter's bridal shower to provide and serve lunch. As per contract/agreement the food was to arrive by 12:00 noon. I was told the servers would take care of everything and it would be stress-free event. In fact on day of event, the food arrived 2 hours late and had to be re-heated for 15 minutes before serving.
When no food was brought out, I went into kitchen and overheard one server talking on her phone looking panicked asking, "Where is the food?" into her phone. I too panicked at this point. By the food arriving late, it made the event difficult to enjoy as I was stressed out, and staff too. Guests were waiting for the food! The event was rushed through, as you can appreciate, there was only 3 hours for the entire shower. During dessert time, guests came to me to say there are no plates or forks. The venue had plenty of plates, but the "experienced" staff served saucers as dessert plates??? (as in cups and saucers).

I am disappointed with the service provided by Parlato's, or lack thereof. I paid in full 2 weeks prior to event fulfilling my part of the contract costing thousands of dollars. A week after shower, I followed up with an email to Natalie, the sole person I dealt with, and was forwarded to Joseph the GM, who gave me the run around, no apology, no explanation, no reason for why the food was delivered so so late, and no compensation. His email reads:
Good afternoon Mary,

Unfortunately there must be a misunderstanding from our previous phone conversation as you seem to be under the expectation of "related compensation". As stated in your contract there are no refunds on delivered food. Your contract will provide you with all details of your event and obligations.

I hope this and or the contract provides clarity

Joseph Martineau
General Managing Partner & CFO
Parlato's Catering & Hospitality
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Parlato's Catering
This review will be contrary to the other reviews written, however it is based on my personal experience.

I hired Parlato's Catering based on the positive reviews (which I now do not believe) to cater my birthday celebration. Unfortunately, my experience with Sonia and her company was more than disappointing. Although we went back and forth with various correspondence, every time we spoke, she had no idea who I was unless she had my file in front of her. While I understood she had other clients, her lack of memory and poor response times, told me she was overwhelmed and took on more than she could manage.

I reached out a Sonia approx. one week before my event and she seemed annoyed as she other events to tend to. I simply wanted to confirm a few items. A couple of days later she sent me an updated invoice for a delivery fee. It is important to note, I was originally told there would be no delivery charge as she was close to the venue. This delivery charge, however, was for the delivery of the rental equipment which I was not made aware of. I then continued to receive multiple invoices which made no sense. I followed-up with Sonia as I was completed frustrated at this point. I threatened to cancel my order and at that point received an apologetic email from Sonia which I took with a grain of salt. In response, I mentioned the importance of her services to make my event a success, however, having said that, in true fashion I continued to be disappointed.

On the day of my event, the team was completely disorganized. It is important to note, when Sonia asked for my information (address, phone) for her file, at no point did she confirm the address the delivery was to be made and I of course realized I did not provide that information which I take responsibility for, however this could have been avoided. As a result, the delivery and bartender went to the wrong address (i.e., my home instead of the venue). Having said that, the venue for the party was only 10 mins away from my home.

After being redirected, the Parlato team arrived at the proper venue at approx. 6:40pm (instead of 6:30pm). Although we lost some time, there was still enough time to set-up. Unfortunately, the team had no idea what they were doing. The set-up took over an hour and a half. Everything from the bar to the table set-up was a complete disaster. I have outlined the issues below:

1. No one seem to know how to set-up the bar
2. The bartender cut her finger which we had to address
3. There was an issue with the tablecloths. I was told one belonged to the bar, even though I ordered two.
4. I was presented with paper napkins instead of cloth napkins until they were found later
5. No one knew how the food should be set-up (what was ordered, number of chafing dishes required etc.)
6. The most experienced team member left the venue to sort out the bar and unfortunately the other team members did not know what to do in his absence

My guests began to arrive (at 7:30pm) while the bar was still being set up so of course no drinks could be served. My co-host and myself finally had to assist with the set-up to get it done. I paid for a 'quick' set-up and in no way shape or form was it quick!

I cannot express my overall disappointment dealing with Sonia and her company. On a slightly positive note, most guests enjoyed the food (which I believe was overpriced for the portions received) and the team really stepped up to get things done when they saw how upset I was. The bartender was incredibly helpful in the end.

Based on my experience, I certainly would not recommend Parlato’s Catering as they made what should been an enjoyable experience incredibly stressful - even my co-host for my event commented how disorganized the team was.

The team mentioned they had seven other events taking place that same evening, so I suspect I was an after thought and the other events were much more important. Sonia reached out to me via text the next day. She did not say why, and I responded by telling her I sent her a personal email with my feedback. I have still not heard back from her. In my mind this would have been a perfect opportunity to contact me and speak to me directly – once again a missed opportunity.

I believe Sonia’s business has grown exponentially (which she admitted) and she is taking every advantage of this. The issue is she lacks integrity and has no idea how to scale her business.
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Parlato's Catering
Elizabeth Aquila
Sonia and her team catered my son and daughter in law's wedding celebration. The overall presentation of the tables and food was elegant and professionally done. The team was efficient and friendly. The service was professional and the food was delicious. Sonia and her team were dedicated to make the event a wonderful experience for us and our guests. Sonia's passion for her work is refreshing and it was a pleasure to work with her and her husband. I would recommend Parlato's catering for any event.
Grazie Sonia!
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Parlato's Catering
Mary Ann Daigle
Sonia and her team provided food and service for the Bridal Shower of my future daughter in law. The food was fantastic, the team was punctual and professional. We had a wonderful day and would highly recommend Parlato's Catering!!!
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Parlato's Catering
Amazing! Excellent! Aboveand Beyond! We couldn'tm have asked for anything different. The food was amazing. The service was amazing. My guests thought my Grandma was in the kitchen cooking. Authentic food. You will not be disappointed.
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Parlato's Catering
Oasis Convention Centre
Catering Services
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