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August 2019

I was really excited about working with Staff Shop, however, they called me a few days before my shift to switch my hours to an earlier time or I had to change my shift to a later time in the day with less hours. I was driving a bit of a distance and couldn't arrive earlier so I agreed to switch the shift. However, they failed to tell me that they had changed the position I was working too. I was informed about this last minute and so I said I would not work the Saturday shift but I would still work the Sunday shift, which was a different position. I told them to take me off of the schedule for Saturday and that was no problem, I kept my Sunday shift. The day before, they CANCELLED my Sunday shift. They said it was because I cancelled my Saturday shift and, "I just thought you were not as interested because you cancelled the other shift." When I responded that I was not impressed they said they would see if they could cancel someone else's shift instead. Sorry, but I am not going to take someone else's place and have them be upset because this company is not organized. I planned my ENTIRE weekend around working this event, I PAID for a course AND a class to take this, which cost me both time and money, AS WELL AS spent money on buying proper attire for both shifts which required different tops. Huge waste of time and energy, unfortunately.

Alyson Schmidt

August 2019

I have used Staff Shop Inc. (formally Bagg at your service) for several years, and they do a great job. The people I deal with are prompt, professional and extremely friendly, they respond quickly to my requests at any time of the day or night (or weekend!). I have sometimes needed last minute staffing and they have always come through with my requests, even with sometimes very little notice. The quality of staff that is provided is very good, they are professional and well trained. I have many staff that return time and time again to help us out with our events. I would highly recommend Staff Shop for anyone's staffing needs.

[email protected]

August 2019

They cancelled on me 5 days before my event after I signed contract.


May 2018

Great place to work for !!!

Richard S

January 2018

I've used Bagg at Your Service the past two years for our holiday season. We've required staffing for events as small as 100 person cocktail receptions to 500 people.

Both years were great working with the admin team as well as the staff that came out. Krystyna was a HUGE help this year with a number of last minute changes and request. Their serving staff were also great. Always early to their shift ready and willing to help wherever needed. We couldn't have executed such a flawless holiday event season without their help.

I would highly recommend their service for anyone looking. I've used other staffing companies and Bagg has been the best.

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