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Ikonica Images

nicole hanna

December 2019

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I don't usually write reviews, but the fact that Ikonica has 5 stars compelled me to help people be more informed before paying this company to provide footage for important events. We had a terrible experience with Ikonica, who we hired to do our wedding photos and videos. The photos and videos we received were so sloppy, amateur and looked so unprofessional that we ended up using materials that some guests provided to share with our family and friends. Those who did see the photos and videos from Ikonica were shocked that we actually paid for this service. Dealing with Jackson was extremely unnerving. He came up with a number of excuses for his team's subpar work (for example he tried to blame the church for the shaky and hazy video footage). It also felt like he was holding key moments hostage, which he would only provide at an additional cost unless explicitly stated in the contract. To be clear, this is raw footage which his team already captured. These included our first dance, any footage of bridesmaids or groomsmen together, grand entrance, the bride walking down the aisle, and so on. He clearly prioritizes money over customer service and quality of work. He even held back key photos that they took, including family photos in the church, that we stood for hours to take. If you do decide to work with Ikonica, please read the contract very well before signing, and be sure to include ALL key items you would like to receive - I would go so far to explicitly state things like CHURCH FAMILY PHOTO, BRIDE WITH BRIDESMAIDS, GROOM WITH FAMILY, etc.. His exact words were "we shot many images and not all were included in the delivered files.. if you want the rest of the raw files they are available for $300" or "if you wish to have the footage for the first dance, it is available with the rest of the raw footage for $600". I.e. I'm holding the best memories hostage until you pay me more. Although Jackson finally admitted that what he delivered was subpar he refused to provide any photo or video replacement footage (other than providing re-edits of the original videos which were just cutting out most of them), without an extra charge! For example, the ceremony video was completely useless (he didn't even capture the bride walking down the aisle!), and after admitting that he agreed that the work was bad, he would not provide footage of our first dance to compensate even though they had captured it! An extremely low move to grab some extra cash in my opinion! Their customer service was almost as bad as the product quality they provided, and I highly recommend staying away from these guys as there are dozens of highly qualified photographers/videographers in Toronto.

Ikonica Images

Charis Millete

June 2019

My husband and I got married exactly a year ago. Finding the best photographer to capture the most memorable day of our lives was the hardest part...the whole process of finding the right photographer can be stressful especially when you have a vision in mind on the photography style. I stumbled upon Ikonica through wedding wire and would not regret choosing them. We met with a lot of photographers through the interview selection process, as soon as we met Ikonica, we clicked right away and the bonus was that they already had an incredible working relationship with our videographer which is also important to us. From our initial consult, our eshoot and days leading up to our BIG day, Ikonica team was very professional, organized and made us feel at ease. We loved all of our photos from our engagement shoot and they really captured our special day in the most perfect way imaginable. We are incredibly thankful for your talent. We also appreciated the quick turnaround on our happy that we were able to see the sneak peak photos within two weeks after our wedding day and share them with our family and friends through social media. Lastly, their album selections are incredible. I would highly recommend Ikonica to newly engaged couples.

Ikonica Images

Dhruvin Hirpara

May 2019

My wife and I were extremely impressed with Ikonica. The quality of their work exceeded our expectations. Jackson was always very professional, approachable and honest during the planning process. Calvin was our lead photographer - both him and his team were excellent and easy to work with, especially during a 3 day wedding with nearly 400 people! We would definitely recommend hiring Ikonica to capture your wedding!!

Ikonica Images

Mitch Wong

May 2019

My wife and I were married in August 2018, but had started planning our wedding two years prior, when we were engaged in September 2016. We were told by friends & family to lock down a photographer ASAP, so it became our priority. After a lot of google research and late-night comparisons we decided that we really liked Ikonica Images, and I truly believe we could not have made a better choice.Alex was very warm and friendly in our first introductory meeting and took the time to get to know us before introducing us to their stunning portfolio of work. We reviewed the numerous wedding packages and options, and Alex was very professional and punctual in following-up.We ultimately chose to have Jackson shoot both an engagement session with us, and have him there for the actual wedding day, and he was nice enough to meet with us via video chat to discuss our preferences and to answer any questions we might have had, despite having been out of the country at the time.Ikonica approached both our engagement shoot and our wedding day photos with a level of professionalism that made everything easythey were very flexible and open to input from the bride and groom, they were always on time and punctual with their responses, they made us feel comfortable on camera, and (most importantly) they made sure that every moment important to us was captured in the exact way we had hoped.

Ikonica Images

Jasmin Bhawra

January 2019

Ikonica was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. From our initial consult, to follow-ups, to the event days, Jackson's team was very professional and organized. The team was also so thoughtful and discrete during the events! They captured our ceremony beautifully without disrupting the event (as many photographers unintentionally do), and truly understood our vision. My whole family felt so comfortable with the team that we booked Ikonica again for my sister's upcoming wedding! Thank you for the lovely photos and fantastic experience.

Ikonica Images

Creations by Gitta

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amazing photography!

Ikonica Images

Karen Jacobs Consulting

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Ikonica is one of my top 5 favourite photography companies in Toronto! They are amazing on site on the day of events, and produce wonderful work! They are so professional - and it is and has always been a pleasure to work with them! I look forward to our next event together.

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